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Preemies and Angel Wraps

Quilting With HeartLast week my blog friend Michele at With Heart and Hands  wrote a post about the Angel Wraps and preemie quilts that she made recently.  She wrote a very inspiring post and of course all you have to say is the word preemie and I am off and running.

For a long time my main focus has been on the newborns in the hospital and have gone in spurts of making little hats, quilts, booties, knitted blankets, whatever I could think of at the time.

After reading Michele’s post I knew I had to try to make some Angel Wraps, read Michele’s blog and she will link you to several sites for directions on how to make them.  I just winged it as far as directions are concerned and I also surged the edges.

About three years ago I was given four large totes, (very large) of  Aunt Pam’s flannel.  Aunt Pam was my daughter-in-law’s aunt and a sweet lady.  She was taken from this earth way to soon with cancer.  Pam was married but never had children of her own, but loved spoiling her nieces, nephews and of course all her students were her children.  She loved to sew but for the life of me I can’t imagine what she was going to do with all this baby flannel.

I had used Pam’s flannel  to back all my baby quilts for three years and still had two totes left.  I sifted though the remainning totes, sorting it into large pieces, pieces for receiving blankets and small scraps for preemie quilts.

As I was sorting there still was one tote that I hadn’t opened in a long time.  I knew it had chenille and I am not interested in adding chenille to my baby quilts.  But I think Pam kept telling me—–“dig deeper Betty Lou” ———-and there in the bottom of the tote was two yards of ivory satin and two yards of white satin that can be used to make more Angel Wraps.

I bought one yard of ivory satin brocade at Hobby Lobby on sale for $4.00——-80% off.  That with Pam’s satin will make Angel Wraps for a long time.

I  cut six more preemie quilts with the scraps and found a big piece of Quilter’s Dream Request batting to use with them.  Still there are more scraps, they are never ending.

It was though Pam was encouraging me to get this flannel made up and get it to the preemies.

Count so far,  twelve receiving blankets,  two preemie quilts, and four Angel Wraps.

Hope your looking down Pam and God Bless you.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life